Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I was ALWAYS there. I was just behind the camera.

At the Greek Festival

Here I've been telling myself that I need to take more pictures, when all along I missed four important words to go with that goal: "with me in them."

I found this article via a photographer friend on how to take family self portraits.  I suffer from two problems: 1. I utterly dislike having my photograph taken, and 2. I enjoy being the one taking the photographs.  Unfortunately, this means that whenever we do something, I'm very rarely in the photographs.  I take the photos to document all the fun things we've done, but years from now, when Audrey looks through those photographs, will she remember that I was there with her?  Even sadder is the fact that after being with Chris for seventeen years, we have few photos together to show for it.  (I'm just glad we "splurged" for the wedding photographer!)  Now I just have to get the tripod out and start bringing my point-and-shoot with us again (I'm not about to hand over my DSLR to a stranger!)

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