The Passengers


My love.  My best friend.  He has always been and still is my biggest supporter.  He is a wonderful husband and the best father I personally know. 

We met at the end of my junior year in highschool, just before he graduated.  Though we knew a lot of the same people in school, we never met until just before his family was going to move to another state.  At the end of that summer, he decided to write me a letter (snail mail!) and that's when our relationship truly began.  We were together for eleven years before we got married, and we've been married for an additional (almost) six years.  It has been a wonderful ride and I hope it never ends.

My senior prom -- 1994

"Oh Daddy!"
Our wedding day


My lovely four-year-old.  Where do I start?  She was named after her paternal great grandmother and of course, Audrey Hepburn.  She is our little singer, dancer, artist, paleontologist, story-teller, photographer, and occasional dinosaur among other things.  She is the subject of most of my photography and the artist I most aspire to be like

the photographer in action
one of her very own photographs



Winston aka "Bubba"  was our first baby.  He's an almost ten-year-old English bulldog with the heart and soul of a brand new puppy.  In fact, due to his size and his energy, he's always mistaken for a 9 month old, not a 9 year old.  He has inspired some of my more creative posts online and has been one of the most fun subjects for me to photograph.  His favorite pastimes are sleeping, snuggling, playing with his basketball, skateboarding, and running up and down the front hallway. 


Kitty Pie aka "Miming" is the newest member of our family.  My sister found him as a kitten over ten years ago and he's been melting the hearts of non-cat lovers everywhere ever since. He is the only cat I know who will roll over to get belly rubs and the only cat to ever melt my dear hubby's heart.  

taking the cat for a walk