Monday, March 26, 2012

“Play is the exultation of the possible.” Martin Buber

Dancing Fairy
My fairy dancing with her shadow

Perfectionism is my bane.  I let this site go for a long time without posting because I couldn't post as regularly as I would've liked.  No one said I had to post daily.  No one said I had to post weekly.  But all these little rules that I've set up for myself kept me from doing ANY posting because I couldn't do it perfectly.  So. No more imposing silly little rules.  Instead, I've decided to make this fun.  I've decided to PLAY.  That doesn't sound like such a difficult thing, does it?  Playing.  But it is for me.  So, what does that mean?  Well, as far as this blog goes, it means posting when I get the chance.  I couldn't possibly fail at "when I get the chance", right? 

What else does it mean?  Well, it means tinkering with my camera once again.  It means carrying the point-and-shoot around and using it.  (Too bad my DSLR is too bulky)  I could get on the bandwagon and do the instagram thing, but I still forget that I have THAT camera with me all the time.  I use it as a phone, my internet when away from my computer, my calendar.  But as a camera?  Someone always has to remind me that it's there.  Maybe I need one of those phone skins that make it look more like a camera.  Hmmm... until then, it's point-and-shoot in my purse.  

But more importantly, playing means allowing myself ME time without feeling guilty about it.  Maybe it's my Catholic upbringing.  Maybe it's my Filipino upbringing.  It's probably both.   Catholics and Filipinos are experts in guilt, and I've got plenty of that.  Anyway, overcoming the guilt will be quite the challenge.  To help me with it, I've decided to join a group of folks in finding our "beautiful different" with the help of Karen Walrond.  It all starts today and I'm looking forward to what the future will bring.  I hope that this post will be the beginning of my new adventure into playfulness, and an end to my guilt.

"The violets in the mountains

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  1. the pic of your daughter reminds me that i need to put on my fairy wings and dance with my shadow too. I love how you have matched quotes with you pictures. Don't give up on blogging. First time I visited and I really enjoyed. I will stop by again. thank you. (I lived in kapiloni valley by sandy beach way back in the late 80's.)
    p.s. if I could exchange a day with my cat i would do that too.