Monday, May 21, 2012

It's been an ocean craft kind of week

Ok, so I didn't actually get to watch any Doctor Who episodes today but I do still want to write something up, especially since I've fallen a little behind on my assignments and I've got to work the next couple of days.  (For the new visitors, I work 12 hour days but actually start the day at 4:15am for the commute and get home about 8:30pm, at which time I get my daughter ready for bed, read her stories, and then get whatever I need ready for the next morning.)   So where was I?  Oh yeah, I want to write something.  So what to write about? 

Three years ago, I wrote a post about how I wanted to be 2 years old again.  Unfortunately, I yet have to learn that kind of freedom from (my own) scrutiny.  I have, however, had the chance to spend quite a bit of time working on arts and crafts with my little girl this week and be like a five year old again.  Last Wednesday we were on our weekly visit to the library and picked up another of the Williamson Little Hands books.  So on my days off this week, we pulled out her box of craft supplies and got our hands covered in glue and paint.  So far, we've made ourselves a mobile, a shark, a squid, and found a jellyfish that she made earlier in the week without me.  I may not have had a chance to work on my assignments this week, but I sure enjoyed watching her get creative.  I hope she never outgrows it.  I hope that when she's thirty-six years old she'll still love peeling the glue off her hands and won't mind the paint on her face.  

"Sharkala"  Yeah... she also has a blue Beta she calls "Blue Fin", a white can named "White Snow", you get the gist

Her mobile =)

Detail of the treasure chest she drew and cut out

An ocean painting -- that's a pink dolphin and silver flying fish.  The animal in the water is a frog, of course, couldn't you tell from the feet?

Her jellyfish.  Still needs a name.


  1. I love the mobile! I wish I was crafty, but there is not one crafty bone in this body. I'm about to work the next two nights. Sigh, nothing will get done after today!

  2. Squiggles! Squiggles the Jellyfish!!
    This is AWESOME!! Liam is almost three and has very short attention span for crafts, but I know that's an age thing.
    That's so funny about the paint...I STILL love peeling glue off my hands. Why is that SO satisfying?? I remember being a kid and pouring it on my hands JUSt to peel it off. And I constantly have paint on me somewhere. People point it out and I'm like, "Oh yeah, I'm an artist." :) it's a good convo starter. Or at least that's what I tell myself :)