Monday, May 14, 2012

Oh but it's been a roller coaster week!

And hopefully it will all start to slow down in the next couple of days.  Where should I begin?

Last week was Nurses' Week.  As I've mentioned in the past, I LOVE what I do, and even if I didn't have to work, I would probably still do it part time.  I've worked at the same hospital for the last ten years and this year, I was recognized as the Nurse of the Year. =)

Lovely engraved koa box on the left along with orchid leis =)
Along with my lovely certificate and leis from my manager and the administration, I got a beautiful engraved koa box that my daughter is already eyeballing.  The hospital celebrated Nurses' Week with different events and free gifts for the nurses throughout the week and a fancy little luncheon for the nurses recognized as "Nurse of the Year."  While waiting for me to get done at the luncheon, my hubby and sister decided to go out hiking that day.  Since they weren't expecting me to be gone too long, they chose a short trail in Aiea.  Turned out that the place was even muddier than usual that day and they ended up slip and sliding their way through it.  No big deal.  They made it out, and we had a good day for the rest of the day.

The next night, Chris started to feel awful.  High fevers, nausea, vomiting, body aches, you name it.  Flu?  Maybe.  Something else from hiking?  Hopefully not.  He rode it through, but it also meant that I had to stay home from work over the weekend since he was supposed to be watching Audrey while I was at work.  So... that was my Mothers Day weekend.  I didn't go to work, though I was scheduled to do so, but I got to take care of my poor sick husband and kept him quarantined from the rest of the family, much to Audrey's dismay ("I miss getting hugs and kisses at night!").  I think we made it up to her by the fact that I slept with her all weekend so I wouldn't get sick as well, just in case.  And for my efforts, my sweet little girl made me a lovely bracelet for Mother's Day.

My Mother's Day bracelet from Audrey

As for today?  Got to make strawberry banana smoothies with my girl, and took her Daddy to urgent care to get some labs done.  He hasn't been feeling any better, still having sky high fevers and when we took him to urgent care yesterday, there were no physicians available. *sigh*  He didn't really want to go to the emergency room, so we waited until this morning to finally see someone.  Now we just wait for his lab results since apparently it isn't the flu hmmmm...  I just hope he gets well soon.

Before the blending.  I love the honey down the side. Yum!

Tomorrow?  Another doctor's visit for what my PCP thinks may be a hemangioma on my neck and loads of photo taking for  Maybe my dermatologist will let me take pictures of all his equipment. =P  And if you're going to be carrying a camera around with you tomorrow anyway, it's not too late to join me!

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