Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I can't believe I forgot to take a picture

the materials

I fell asleep.  I was going to stay up and finish the banner, but instead I fell asleep.  So much for the extra time to work on the project.  I just spent the morning gluing things on the burlap so that I could turn it in this morning.  I got so tied up with it, I forgot to take a picture!

The theme: "Scenes of Autumn"
The challenge: make a banner using the items provided and only the items provided.  We can use as much of the items or as few. 
Categories: Best Overall, Most Creative Use of Materials, Funniest, Best Representation of Autumn.

The items:
Autumn leaves  (plastic)                                                     
Yarn (red orange)
Straws  (yellow, green, orange)                                        
Tacky glue
Pipe Cleaners  (green, yellow)                                          
Paper Cups (aquarium design)
Colored Papers  (brown, orange, yellow, green)
Fabric (in photo above)             
Toilet Paper                                                                         
Foam Peanuts
Paper Plates (green, yellow, orange)                              
Plastic Forks (black, orange)                                            
Plastic Kinves (black, orange)
Burlap Banner Base
Strands of Beads (black, orange)                                    
Coffee Filter 
Dowel and jute for hanging

There were two of us in what should have been a team of four.  We knew most of the teams were going for actual autumn scenes-- pretty fall colors of leaves on trees, Thanksgiving related things like cornucopias.  We took a look at our bag and thought, WTF?  Pretty wasn't going to happen.  So...

Large paper plate + drinking straws+ pipe cleaners= scarecrow head
Paper plate + fabric = scarecrow hat
Fabric stuffed with toilet paper + straws sticking out= scarecrow body 
     (because scarecrows are made of straw, right?)
Paper cups + brown colored paper + plastic leaves on plastic stems= tree
Toilet paper= used to "T.P" the tree
Toilet paper + cups + black beads = mummy half unraveled
Foam peanuts= thought bubble around the tree tp'd with the mummy
Colored paper= lettering "Why Scarecrow had to trick-or-treat with 'Duddy' this year."

Get it?  "It's a joke, Son!" 

Until I get back to take a picture of it, I'll let your imagination run wild.  

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